Welcome to the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility

Flowave Ocean Research Facility Concentric Spike Wave

FloWave is a wave and current simulation tank for use in the testing and development of novel ocean energy technologies.

As the first circular combined wave and current facility in the world, FloWave is the best simulation of real-world coastal waters available. It offers both commercial and academic clients the chance to accelerate the testing of their technology and is hence a huge asset to ocean energy research in the age of rapid renewable energy development.

What we do

FloWave wave-maker paddles with one paddle pushed forward.

FloWave is a truly unique facility. Consisting of a 25-metre diameter, 2-metre deep circular basin, it creates highly repeatable waves and currents that mimic real-life coastal waters. FloWave is extensively used for the testing of scaled down prototypes of new ocean technologies as well as for ocean based academic research.

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