FloWave available for free under 6th and final MaRINET call

The 6th and last call under the FP7 MaRINET trans-national access programme has just been announced and includes FloWave as one of the 14 research infrastructres / facilities eligible for funded access by research groups and companies.

Details of the call can be found here: http://www.fp7-marinet.eu/access_6th-Call.html, and the contacts to speak to at FloWave are Dr Tom Davey (infrastructure manager) and Dr Jamie Grimwade (TSBDE).
(contact details are Tom.Davey@FloWaveTT.co.uk and Jamie.Grimwade@FloWaveTT.co.uk respectively).

Please note that timescale are short and that discussions with FloWave need to be largely completed by 27th February, and tests carried out between 30 March and 31 July 2015. Full details on timings and deadlines are available here: http://www.fp7-marinet.eu/access_how-it-works_timeframe.html

We have test availability at FloWave during that period and would love to see more innovative technologies and concepts tested at FloWave under the free access programme.

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