FloWave mini-tribute to LIGO and gravitational wave research

FloWave’s spiral waves ‘party trick’ coded and tested in September 2015

You can watch this video on YouTube.

Congratulations to the all the contributors to the recent discovery and announcement regarding LIGO’s detection of gravitational waves!

The video here is one of the ‘party tricks’ that we use at FloWave to demonstrate some of the capability of the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility. This was coded and demonstrated during the University of Edinburgh’s 2015 participation in ‘Edinburgh Doors Open Day’ – an annual event where members of the public can come and visit the facility and learn moe about the research we carry out in support of both academic research and commercial R&D into clean ocean energy.

FloWave spiral waves video screenshot
FloWave spiral waves, a tribute to LIGO and the detection of gravitational waves