FloWave scoops top prize in UK Science photo competition!!

A ‘Wow!’ moment. FloWave wins first prize in the ‘Equipment’ category with open day photo.

A photo showing a spectacular single water spout at FloWave has won a prestigious national prize in a science photo competition run by the EPSRC (The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

The shot, taken by FloWave CEO Stuart Brown, shows a crowd being wowed as the world-leading test tank showed off its capabilities at a public information event earlier this year.

“I have never seen anyone who has failed to be impressed by the FloWave facility,” says Brown. “This photo captures the moment when the public go ‘Wow!’. It is a super trick, but it does underline the extraordinary capability of the facility to replicate an extraordinary range of different and complex sea states at scale.”

Full details of award winners can be found here:

EPSRC PhotoComp Winner
EPSRC PhotoComp Winner