FloWave welcomes new apprentice into test tank technician role

The staff and team at the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility are pleased to welcome Martyn Lennon into a test tank Engineering Technician role.

Martyn recently completed his Engineering apprenticeship and joins FloWave to assist the team with setting up of test campaigns for both academic and commercial test clients.

“Martyn will initially be working to help us set up and run experiments with floating wind turbine structures while he completes his formal Engineering Technician training within the Technical Services team of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering” says FloWave CEO Stuart Brown.

“Once that is complete Martyn will be with us on a full time basis, though he will continue to advance his model-making, machining and other skills in line with similar colleagues within the University”.

Speaking on his recent appointment Martyn said:

“I’m thrilled to be working with FloWave. It’s a really exciting place and some of the kit and ideas they are working with are just amazing. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and getting my feet wet!”

Martyn will remain an employee of the University of Edinburgh officially, but will report to FloWave’s Project Engineer Dr Jeff Steynor and be fully embedded within FloWave exactly as if he was directly employed. This gives the best combination of being able to work within the small and specialist Engineering team at FloWave, whilst still accessing all the best practice skills development and training offered by the University’s School of Engineering in general, and their Technical Services team in particular.

Martyn is the first of two new FloWave hires planned for the summer of 2015, and he will be joined by a third new recruit in a Test Engineer role before the end of the year.

Martyn Lennon in the FloWave facility
Martyn Lennon joins FloWave as test tank technican
Martyn and Jeff set up the 'VLAD' floating wind model
Martyn and Jeff set up the 'VLAD' floating wind model